r e s e a r c h
C o n s t r u c t i n g   D e s i g n   C o n c e p t s :   A Computational Approach to the Synthesis of Architectural Form
Kotsopoulos S, Ph.D. Dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005

IV.    Overlaying Partial Descriptions

A calculating device that involves multiple descriptive fragments in the production of a single description is modeled with shape computational means.

1.  Introduction

2.  What is a Description?

3.  Partial Descriptions

                       3.1.   MULTIPLE ALGEBRAS

                        3.2.   SHAPE RULE SCHEMATA WITH

4.  Designing with Partial Descriptions

4.1.   FOR N = 2
4.1.1.  Sheet A
                                                4.1.2   Sheet B
                                                4.1.3   The description A x B

4.2.    FOR N = > 3   

5.  Discussion

      6.  References