t  e  a  c  h  i  n  g
H T  7 1 0 1   D e s i g n   P r i n c i p l e s
B o s t o n    A r c h i t e c t u r a l   C o l l e g e  ( B A C )  F a l l   2 0 0 5
Requirements:      This is a course for Graduate students
Coordinator:           Ariel Brain

Instructor:              Sotirios Kotsopoulos
Semester:              Fall 2005
Lecture:                 Thursday  7:15 – 10:15 pm

Part One ---

                                                                                  WEEK 1:  Introduction                                                                            September 8
• Course policies and objectives
• Hand out syllabus & questionnaire
• Reader

                                                                        WEEK 2: Origins, The Function of Art                                                             September 15   Arnold Hauser (1958).  "The Scope and Limitations of a Sociology of Art.
The Philosophy of Art History. Trans. From the German. Evanston, Illinois: Northwestern University Press, 1985.

• Art as a challenge: we do not explain it, we adjust ourselves to it  (Arnold Hauser).
• Art as a riddle, goal is not to solve it, but to recognize it as a riddle (Martin Heidegger, "The Origins of the Work of Art").
• Truth and lies in art

                                                                  WEEK 3:  Complex Form, Reconciliation of Opposites                                         September 22
Arnaldo Bruschi. "The Tempietto of S.Pietro in Montorio".
Bramante. Thames & Hudson, 1977.

• Donato Bramante’s Tempietto
• Celebrating center and periphery
• Objects harnessing complexity
• Reconciliation of high and low, inside and outside, stasis and movement

                                                                                   WEEK 4:  Dissolved Form                                                                     September 29
John Hejduk. "Out of Time and Into Space".
Mask of Medusa. New York: Rizzoli, 1983.

• Visit the Carpenter Center by Le Corbusier on Quincy Street, Cambridge
• Interior and exterior as parts of the same system
• Simultaneity and relativity in Cubism (1907-25)

                                                                                    WEEK 5:  Individual Form                                                                     October 6
James S. Ackerman (1961). "Michelangelo's 'Theory' of Architecture."
The Architecture of Michelangelo. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1986. 

• Michelangelo avoids  the use of units, hides the joints, and attempts to approach the building through a unitary idea,
• Members integrated by tension, compression, stress.
• Michelangelo wanted an architecture based on individual perception, and not on universal principles.
• The organic model vs. the geometric model

                                                                                     WEEK 6:  Forms of Space                                                                       October 13
Christian Norberg-Schulz. "House".
The concept of dwelling,On the way to figurative architecture.  New York: Electra/Rizzoli, 1985. 

Christopher Alexander (1977). "Buildings".
A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction. Oxford University Press, pp.  823-915

• Symbolic and materialist conceptions of space
• Figural space: space as form
• Space as continuity
• Linear space: space as direction

                                                                             WEEK 7:  Geometric Contradictions                                                               October 20   Colin Rowe (1947). "Mathematics of the Ideal Villa".
Mathematics of the Ideal Villa and other essays. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1983.

Lionel March (2000). "Palladio's  Villa Emo: the golden proportion hypothesis rebuted". Unpublished manuscript.

• Andrea Palladio and Le Corbusier
• Part to whole relationships
• Purity and ambiguity                              

                                                                                  WEEK 8:  Mid-term Presentations                                                               October 27
                                                                                               WEEK 9:  Film                                                                             November 3

Part Two  ---

                                                                                    WEEK 10:  Fluid Geometry                                                                  November 10
Francesco Dal Co.  "
The Architecture of Betrayal".  Tadao Ando, Complete Works.  London:  Phaidon Press, 1995. 

• Time in architecture
• Seeking seclusion
• Integral geometry vs. fragmented geometry

                                                                           WEEK 11:  Types , A Return to Origins                                                          November 17
Anthony Vidler.  "The Idea of Type:  The Transformation of the Academic Ideal, 1750-1830." 
Oppositions Reader.  Princeton: Princeton Architectural Press, 1998. 

• Typology: the study of types
• Typology and the search for meaning
• Conceptual ideals (i.e. Justice) vs. functional ideals (ie. door, bridge)
• Symbolic and materialist typology
• The Primitive Hut vs. Ideal Temple
• Quatremθre de Quincy and the Ideal Type

                                                                           WEEK 12:  Thanksgiving Break-No Class                                                       November 24                                                                                                                              
                                                                                      WEEK 13:  Post-Modernism                                                                  December 1 Frederic Jameson (1998).  “Postmodernism and Consumer Society.” 
The Cultural Turn. Selected Writings on the Postmodern, 1983-1998. Verso, New York.

Rem Koolhaas (1978).  "The Frontier in the Sky." 
Delirious New York, A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan.  New York:  The Monacelli Press.

• Skyscraper as great metropolitan destabilizer
• Architectural lobotomy
• Generating two separate architectures (exterior and interior)
• Reproduction of the world, annexation of the tower, and the island
• What is Post-Modernism?

                                                                                   WEEK 14:  Monumental Form                                                                December 8
Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter (1978).  "Crisis of the Object: Predicament of Texture." 
Collage City.  Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1978.

• Two fundamental urban types:  ancient Greek temple and stoa
• Object as figure and ground - the perception of figure requires the perception of ground
• The task of the monument: to establish presence

                                                                                    WEEK 15:  Final presentations                                                              December 15   • Term Project due