The paper offers the general outline of a studio exercise that incorporates rule based methods in design synthesis, using both analogue and digital means. A design is treated as the product of a finite rule based system, produced in finite time. The analogue part of the system involves the articulation of candidate rules with pencil and paper, and the digital part the rule testing. A shape grammar interpreter written in VisualLISPis used for the digital part. The digital tool allows the fast and broad exploration of the rule products. Using the interpreter, one can determine if a candidate rule-set produces any desired results. If not the rule-set is modified and re-tested. The paper focuses on the digital implementation issues of the system. (can be found in :http://www.arch.usyd.edu.au/kcdc/conferences/dcc04/, if you follow the workshop link).

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Full proceedings of DCC Workshop 3: "Implementation issues on Generative design systems" 
"A studio exercise in rule based composition”, S. Kotsopoulos, H. Liew
  Conference in
Design, Computing, Cognition (DCC04), Workshop 3: Implementation  issues on generative
  design systems,  July 17, 2004, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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