Sotirios Kotsopoulos specializes in computational design. He received a diploma as architect engineer from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece in 1992, under a Fulbright scholarship an M-Arch from SCI-Arc in 1994, an S.M. in design technology from MIT in 2000, and a Ph.D. in design and computation from MIT in 2005. His dissertation "Constructing Design Concepts: A Computational Approach to the Synthesis of Architectural Form" applies ideas from natural language, shape grammars theory of computation, and constructivism to the age old puzzle about the involvement of abstract ideas in design.
   Kotsopoulos focuses on the theoretical and practical impact of computation in the way we conceptualize and practice design. At MIT, he was involved in courses on computational design and the use of digital media in the studio. In theory, he is primarily concerned with logical paradoxes surrounding the notion of computation, the nature of abstract objects, and the idea of construction. In the studio, he is interested in foundation design instruction and in applications of digital media in the production of architectural space (conception, visualization, fabrication). 
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