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M   I    T    -   G  r  e   e   c   e             
During the years 2000-2006 MIT-Greece organized a number of events, including presentations and IAP seminars. As one of the founding members of MIT-Greece group I was  energetically involved in promoting these events, by designing a number of posters and the logo of the MIT-Greece. 

MIT-Greece is an initiative to create an exchange program between MIT and Greece. It focuses on securing internships for MIT students in Greek companies, organizing on-campus events, and facilitating collaboration between MIT and Greek research or business organizations. MIT-Greece is analogous to other programs currently administered by the MIT International Technology Initiative (MISTI). Students can build their global leadership skills by learning, living, and working in Greece. Greek research and business organizations can be exposed to the ideas and work ethic of high quality students from one of the best technology oriented institutions in the US. Faculty members can build fruitful international collaborations of mutual benefit.For more information about MIT-Greece please look at: